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Invented By David Starr., D.C.


Spinal Stretch is registered with the FDA as a class 1 medical device. It helps relieve and reduce lower back pain through a effective technique known as spinal decompression. Spinal decompression works by relieving the pressure that is placed on the discs in your spine and the vertebrae.The discs in the spine are like tiny sponges that are filled with water. Over time as we get older, they start to thin out and become dry and brittle. This often leads to back pain and aches.Through the use of spinal decompression therapy (Spinal Stretch), the pressure in the spinal discs is relieved. The discs are then able to absorb moisture and become thicker again. This provides more adequate cushioning for the vertebrae and in turn reduces or even completely eliminates back pain and aches. Spinal Stretch provides an easy to use, portable and effective spinal decompression treatment that you can do yourself at home, at work and even while traveling. It can address many of the conditions that cause lower back pain, low back stiffness, scoliosis, disc bulge, degenerative disc, sciatica, post surgical relief, disc herniation, uneven hips, disc protrusion, spinal stenosis, misaligned vertebrae, arthritis and scar tissue remodel.

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  Shipping & Handling Charges:

  USA: $12.00 (USD) Free

   Canada: $45.00 (USD)

     Great Britain: $65.00 (USD)

  • Compact, portable low back decompression
  • Portable low back traction
  • Relieve your back pain easily and effectively
  • Easy to use right out of box / No assembly required
  • Comes with a nylon travel bag + DVD + user manual
  • 1-Year Warranty